Dealing with a loved one's drug addiction or alcoholism can make you feel like you are alone, without hope and powerless. Drug addicts and alcoholics can and do get better. They can reclaim their lives and find happiness. Unfortunately, it is rare for someone in the throes of this type of disease to ask for help or to seek out treatment on their own accord. And it is an absolute myth that the affected individual needs to want help for treatment to start and be effective long term. Intervention is one of the most loving things a family can do when faced with an addict/alcoholic who needs outside help. Bringing in a professional strengthens the whole family and helps unite everyone to send a strong message. Because each family situation is different, the scope and approach to each intervention must vary accordingly. I cater the process to the family's needs and the crisis level of the affected individual. And no matter how we proceed, the overwhelming message is one of love and hope. Addiction is a family disease and I specialize in family recovery. Of course our primary goal is to get the loved one into treatment. But our secondary goals are to take away the blame and shame, facilitate grieving of past trauma and provide tools so that the family can begin the process of healing. I believe education for the whole family about the disease is important to long term recovery.